Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist is a major step. It will determine how your little one approaches their dental care for the remainder of their life. This is why we spare no effort to make this initial experience enjoyable.

It is recommended that you make an appointment for your child as early as one year of age. During this first visit, the dentist and hygienist will build a relationship of trust with your child. Of course, they will also examine and clean their teeth, and will go over teeth brushing and flossing techniques with you.

Approximately 50% of the population has a fear of the dentist. It is important to avoid transmitting this fear to kids. Informing your child and adopting a positive attitude will be reassuring and decisive for future experiences. As a parent, your collaboration is important before, during, and after your child’s first appointment.

Before the First Appointment

  • Many story books recount the tale of a character making their first visit to the dentist. Read such stories to your child.
  • Explain to the child what the dentist will be doing.
  • The night before the appointment, go over the steps.
  • Never tell the child that a dental appointment will not hurt.
  • Go to our website and show your child pictures of the people they will meet (hygienist and dentist) so that they are familiar with their faces.

During the Appointment

  • You may be asked to sit in the dentist’s chair and hold your child on your lap during the exam.
  • For older children, you may be asked to return to the waiting room once initial contact with the dental staff has been made.
  • Listen carefully to instructions and suggestions on how to care for your child’s mouth.
  • Maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  • Schedule the next appointment 6 months after the initial visit.

After the Appointment

  • Make sure your child brushes their teeth at least twice a day or after each meal.
  • Floss your child’s teeth once a day.
  • Monitor your child’s diet and suggest foods that do not contain high levels of sugar.
  • Brush your child’s teeth at night before bedtime until they reach the age of 10.