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Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace the roots of missing teeth in order to hold the affixed artificial teeth in place. Our specialists use medical grade titanium implants designed by internationally recognized companies. You will no longer have any problems eating or smiling and can quickly get back to leading an active lifestyle.

Components of Dental Implants


The implant is a small titanium screw that serves as an artificial root. On average, it measures 5mm x10mm and is permanently attached to your jaw.


The abutment is a connector that attaches the implant to your artificial tooth.

Crown or prothesis

The crown, or prothesis, is the visible part of the tooth. It can be made of acrylic or a mixture of zirconium and porcelain for an even more natural look.

Dental implantology service
offered at Clinique 3601

Missing Tooth

A dental implant is the preferred choice to replace a missing tooth. Contrary to previous methods (fixed bridge), there is no need to grind down the enamel of adjacent teeth in order to bond a suspended tooth. Following the procedure, oral hygiene becomes much easier since the teeth are not paired together. The implant itself maintains the bone mass of the corrected area, preventing the adjacent teeth from loosening. Our team of experts will install the implant following a specific procedure.

Some Missing Teeth

Dental implants enable us to replace a small number of missing teeth while keeping your neighbouring teeth intact. They offer an alternative to removable partial dentures.

Several Missing Teeth

Your removable full denture can be replaced by a fixed prosthesis, reducing the likelihood of having to cover your mucous membranes (e.g., palate). Different methods are available, including the All-on-4 technique that involves attaching the prosthesis to your implants on the same day as your surgery.

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