Take care of your gums

What is a gum treatment ?

Many treatments can be performed in order to improve gum health. When the disease is in its infancy, a simple but thorough hygiene treatment may be sufficient. When the disease is more advanced, a surgical solution may be required.

Different Gum Treatments

Periodontal scaling

Periodontal scaling refers to scaling performed under local anesthesia. It removes tartar that has formed under the gum.

Gum and bone correction

When gum disease is relatively advanced, correcting bone and gum defects may be required in order to eliminate bacterial reservoirs.

Gingival graft

Gingival graft is used to slow down the loosening of the teeth and can be performed with a material called Alloderm or by using the patient’s own gum tissue retrieved from their palate.

We can provide intravenous sedation for optimal comfort during your gum treatment.