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Family Dentistry

Your dental health needs vary throughout your life. Our team is family-oriented, which means that our dentists are trained to treat patients of all ages—children and adults alike.

Our Family and
General Dentistry Services

Cavity Treatment

We provide a modern approach to cavity treatment. We use remineralizing molecules and antibacterial agents to recalcify teeth. This is a more conservative approach that does not require dental anesthesia. We also offer restorations made of white material. Come visit us and learn more about the various solutions available to you.


We dedicate a lot of effort to draw up a custom preventive plan for each of our patients. Our dental hygiene treatments always include recommendations to help you maintain optimal oral health and avoid the need for repeated dental treatments.

Dental appliances

We make various dental appliances to keep you healthy, including: the ProT4 sports guard, a plate appliance for people who grind their teeth, and a lower jaw advancement device to prevent snoring.

Root Canal

An aching tooth may require a root canal. This procedure cleans and disinfects the sore, infected tooth nerve and tissue. As with all of your dentistry needs, we can provide you with intravenous sedation for your root canal.

Crown and Bridge

Crowns and bridges are ceramic cosmetic restorations used to repair or replace one or several teeth. They are the ideal solution for a tooth that:

  • Has undergone a root canal
  • Has an extensive restoration (filling)
  • Is discoloured
  • Causes pain during chewing
  • Has been replaced with a dental implant
  • Is completely missing

Gum Disease

Bacteria living in the mouth can damage the gums. They infect and eventually destroy the tissues that support the teeth. Gingivitis is the early stage of the disease, while periodontitis is the advanced stage. We offer a complete range of gum health care, from scaling to bone and gum grafts.

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